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Hydraulics on the Fritz? Find Hydraulic Repair Services for Elk Grove IL

From powering our equipment to helping our cars run, hydraulics are used in just about every heavy-duty mechanical system. So, when you discover failing vehicles and machinery, hydraulics might be to blame. But before you give up on your system and shell out too much money for new equipment, allow the experts at Hydraulic Energy Applications & Technology (HEAT) to take a look. We offer fast and efficient hydraulic repair services for Elk Grove IL, and the surrounding areas.

Signs of Hydraulics in Need of Repair

There are a few sure-fire signs of a hydraulic system needing repair. Be on the lookout for the following issues, and contact HEAT right away to resolve them:

  • Noises and Vibrations: Pumps part of a hydraulic system should run smoothly and with minimal noise. However, if a pump begins to vibrate abnormally and produce sounds you’re not familiar with, this can be an issue. Potential problems resulting in strange noises and vibrations include low oil, an incorrect fluid, plugged suction lines, misaligned bearings and more.
  • System Slow Down: Hydraulics should always run at a consistent speed. So, if you begin to notice a slower functioning system affecting vehicles and machinery’s operation, your hydraulics might require repair. Best case scenario: This slow down is caused by old or the wrong hydraulic fluid, which can easily be resolved. Worst case, internal components like pumps, cylinders and valves might be worn down and need replacing.
  • System Heat Up: Excessive heat in a hydraulic system is something our engineers and technicians do our best to avoid. Extreme temperatures can be dangerous for hydraulics, meaning your pumps and motors have to work extra hard to keep up with the demand placed on your system. Many of the previously mentioned issues, such as worn parts or hydraulic fluid with low viscosity, can directly increase heat.
A system of hydraulics needing Hydraulic Repair Services in Elk Grove IL

Restoring Your System

Of course, there is a multitude of other issues your hydraulic system might incur. However, with an inspection from HEAT, we can identify any problems and resolve them quickly and thoroughly. In many cases, our hydraulic repair services for Elk Grove IL will restore your system to a state of functioning like new! Or, if your hydraulics are beyond repair, we offer options for new hydraulic installation. If looking to maximize your machinery and equipment efficiency, our team can provide consulting services for hydraulics in various industries.

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Count on the best local technicians when you need hydraulic repair services for Elk Grove IL. Call the team at Hydraulic Energy Applications & Technology today! You can contact us at 630-509-3144. Also, we are located at 1300 Industrial Dr, Unit B, Itasca, IL 60143.