Quality Hydraulic Repair Services

When a hydraulic system breaks, it can cost a company a lot, affecting anything from production to revenue to customer satisfaction. Here at Hydraulic Energy Applications & Technology, we understand the challenges many businesses face due to malfunctioning machinery. Therefore, we offer quality repair services at a quick turnaround time. Our mission is to get your business back up and running ASAP, ensuring you lose as little profit and production time as possible.

System Diagnosis Troubleshooting & Repair Services

Is your equipment making a funny noise? Have you noticed a seal swelling or a bearing showing signs of wear? You might not know what this means, but our technicians will! When you hire us to repair your machine, our experienced experts will perform a thorough inspection, examining every part to get a solid understanding of the state of your equipment. Once they’ve diagnosed the issue, they will get to work cleaning, repairing and replacing any broken or contaminated parts, including:

  • Hydraulic Pumps
  • Cylinders
  • Valves
  • Motors
  • And Controls

Hydraulic Machine Repurposing and Upgrades

In addition to diagnosing, troubleshooting and repairing hydraulic equipment, we also repurpose and upgrade older machines. If your system is getting up there in age or you’ve noticed a definite difference in its performance, you can call on our talented team. We will upgrade the machinery, replacing obsolete parts with retrofits designed to decrease downtime, increase energy efficiency and remove excess heat.

Schedule a Service

Whether you are seeking our repair services or simply looking to update an older piece of equipment, our technicians promise the same great results. To schedule an appointment with us today, call 630-509-3144 or shoot us a message through our online form. We are located at 1300 Industrial Dr. Unit B, Itasca IL 60143, and proudly serve all surrounding areas.